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Oh hey look i'm on hiatus so do you really need to know anything about me right now besides that? no. no you do not. oh wait. you should know i'm an empress. yeah. and that i LOATHE kate HRHSUSSEX. that's all.


Prince Harry and the victorious British Army Polo team after beating Royal Navy by 7-4½ at Tidworth
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Harry playing polo at the Army vs. Navy Rundle Cup today. (x)

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you guys i have gotten 6 hours of sleep the past 48 hours and i just cannot deal with this rn i am literally tearing up.

Prince Harry gave his support to England’s Women’s Rugby team ahead of the Rugby World Cup, July 1, 2014 x


HRH Prince Harry with volunteer firemen at the Valparaiso fire station
28 Jun 2014. Day 2 in Chile.


HRH Prince Harry recognizing the important work of volunteer firefighters on Day 2 of his visit to Chile. || 28 June, 2014.


#Photos Harry aujourd’hui [28 juin 2014] a rendu visite aux habitants de Cerro La Cruz à Valparaiso, une communauté ravagée par les incendies en Avril 2014.


Visiting Cracolândia || June 26, 2014


#Photos Harry le 25 juin 2014 pendant une réception à l’occasion de l’anniversaire de la Reine à Sao Paulo.

Prince Harry hugs a policeman as he visits the Open Arms project which helps reduce crime and drug abuse in ‘Cracolandia’, an extremely deprived area of Sao Paulo with a high concentration of crack addicts on June 26, 2014 in Sao Paulo Brazil


Prince Harry meets crack-addict street cleaners during a visit to ‘Cracolandia’, an extremely deprived area of São Paulo with a high concentration of crack addicts on June 26, 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil.


HRH Prince Harry speaking with crack users in São Paulo, 26 June, 2014. || Source.


Harry arrived to tour Cracolandia. 



Video of his full speech last night - Prince Harry ‘almost moved to tears’ by Brazilian children via :