30 Day Royal Challenge ♛

Day 12 → Post a picture of your favorite piece of royal jewelry (non-tiara)The Hope Diamond

King Louis XIV of France came into possession of this stone in 1678, then known as Tavernier Blue. It was cut down from it’s original weight of 115 carats to just over 67 carats and made into a cravat-pin, but was later made into a pendant by King Louis XV. It was passed down to King Louis XVI, but disappeared shortly after the beginning of the French Revolution. Rumored to have changed hands many times over the following decades, it then came into the possession of the Hope Family of London in the late 1830’s and was given the setting as it is seen today. Henceforth, the stone was known as The Hope Diamond. In 1949, it was sold to jeweler Harry Winston, who, in 1958, donated it to The Smithsonian where it resides today. 

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