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Will Smith actually got younger

Erm Hugh jackman 


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you guys are forgetting the most important one though

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coolest thing ever- lipstick usb 

When yah parents talking to they friends and you ready to go.


33 years Ago…July 29, 1981: Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer in Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

He gets it from his Daddy. credit to royalkatedebate 

Get To Know Me:
→ [2/5] movies: Labyrinth (1986)

Fill In These Things About You

Name: Victoria
Birthday: December 19th
Height: 5'7"
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown
A random fact about you: I put ranch on everything.
Favorite food: anything pasta related
Favorite season: Fall
Favorite animal: Horse
Favorite movie: At the moment, About Time.
Are you currently in a relationship?: Yes.
If so, are you happy with them?: So far.
Who ended your last relationship?: I did.
Are you friends with your ex?: kind of.
Do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: Taller.
Dark hair or light hair?: whichever.
Smart or attractive?: Both. Never settle for less.
Is creativity attractive?: def
Do you care how much money they have?: Yes. *kanye shrug*
Your last phone call: my bff Jennifer
Your last text: S.O.
The last thing you ate: chocolate
The last thing you drank: water
The last book you read: Paper Towns
The last movie you watched: Skyfall
What is your heritage?: Italian, Cherokee Native American, French, and English.
Do you play any instruments?: I used to play the trumpet.
What are you pets’ names?: Gabriel and Maximus
A random childhood memory: Getting up early every morning to go feed our horses with my Dad. It was the best.
Places you would like to visit: Everywhere tbh
Your favorite color to wear: Black and Blue


Royal Crossword #2- Intermediate
4. Consort of Brazilian descent 7. Godson of both Princess Anne and Queen Margrethe 8. Prince Consort of Denmark 9. Vegetarian queen 10. Maiden name of Crown Princess Mary 13. Crown Prince of Greece 15. Prince Albert's illegitimate daughter 17. Youngest son of Grand Duke Henri 19. The late son of Princess Beatrix 20. Daughter-in-law of Princess Caroline Down 1. Wife of Prince Constantijn 2. Moved to New York after calling off an engagement 3. Former news anchor 5. Princess and Archduchess 6. Princess/Actress 11. Brother of Felix 12. gave up succession rights in 2006 when first child was born 14. Battled anorexia as a teenager 16. The longest-serving consort in British history 18. Widow of the late King Hussein

You should be able to find the answers here.

Royal Crossword-Beginner


King Felipe VI today visiting the National Defence Staff today in Madrid; the King also held several audiences today at the Royal Palace

Source: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Europe


Prince Carl Philip and Sofia are now on vacation in Ibiza 

People who write REALLY good fan fics




“I spent a day strangling myself on the back of a door while I masturbated to a driving license of one my victims,” he recalled about one of The Fall’s shooting days. “And they cut it out! I couldn’t believe it—they didn’t even tell me. When I first watched the series, it just wasn’t there!”


Princess Dianas wedding gown creator, Elizabeth Emmanuel, just shared this never-before-seen photo of the gown on twitter with the caption Wonderful memories of the beautiful Diana on the anniversary of her wedding today”

The photo shows the gown in the designers private shop during its creation

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