Oh hey look i'm on hiatus so do you really need to know anything about me right now besides that? no. no you do not. oh wait. you should know i'm an empress. yeah. and that i LOATHE kate HRHSUSSEX. that's all.


Happy National Dog Day! 

Photograph by Sam Jones. 

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Pippa Middleton dancing in Gstaad, Switzerland. (credit)

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i dont think my friends understand. when i say my room is messy i dont mean “cute” messy where i have a jacket hanging here and there i mean messy as in fuckin trash island where garbage citizens hold elections over who will become the next trash overlord it’s fuckin gross

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the year is 2114 and ‘palace insiders’ just gave the scoop to star magazine about duchess kate’s secret pregnancy with triplets and a wild katie nicholl appears from beyond the grave. 

[season 1 bloopers]

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christopher o’neill really has it all… the hot wife who is a princes, the adorable daughter who is a princess, the job that makes bank, he’s basically like a de facto prince i mean he gets all the perks of being royalty without having the duty and having to worry about his wife being queen all the while he is making bank at his job as a private citizen. bless. 



What Kate would look like as a Simpsons character - lol!

WOW! They got all the outfits tho!

and her hair is the same in all of them lol

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mysapphirestar replied to your post “So I started my new job as you know and I met one of my co-workers…”

Aww you’re so sweet

that I am. lol

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Samantha Gradoville

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30 Days of Prince Harry ◆ Day 11 ◆ Favourite photoshoot or interview.

BBC’s 2013 documentary on Prince Harry on the frontlines in Afghanistan during his second tour of duty. Whilst being interviewed, HRH had to rush off on an another mission (not the ice-cream truck lol!)

hrhsussex replied to your post “i’ve been online for ten minutes and i already lost a follower lmao”

sucks to suck

you are so abusive.

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i’ve been online for ten minutes and i already lost a follower lmao

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